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  • Adult’s initial session 1 ½ hours, all follow-up sessions 1 hour
  • Children (under 16yo) initial session 1 hour, all follow-up sessions ½ hour
  • Adults $185 initial session and $150 for follow up session
  • Children $150 initial session and $80 for follow up sessions

A one-to one consultation where we take time to look at your health and lifestyle history and discuss the issue you wish to address. Using a combination of muscle monitoring and questions we map a course of natural, holistic treatments best suit to your individual needs. During part of your session you will be lying down fully clothed on a chiropractic table. At the end of the session you may be given exercises to do, an essence to take or dietary changes.

This is really dependent on the issue or the goal, generally speaking in 1-3 sessions you will see change, if the issue is deeper or long standing it can take more time. Many of my clients come for regular sessions throughout the year to keep on track, you don’t have to be unwell or have a problem. There is no hard and fast rule and we will determine together what is right for you.

No, we use acupressure points and gently pressure or tapping.

Yes I am always happy to work in with other practitioners, and at times I will refer you on where I feel the issue is something beyond my skill set, or will be better resolved with another modality. I work with and Integrative GPs, Osteopaths, Naturopaths, Psychologists and Acupuncturists.

NOT is a form of kinesiology, and the first protocol I start with, I view it as essential, it assesses and corrects any imbalances in our foundations, and without stability in our foundation it is difficult to manage challenge or maintain any change. NOT works on our primary systems, their organisation within themselves and in relation to one another.

It draws on knowledge from chiropractic, acupuncture, craniosacral therapy, reflexology, Neuro Linguistic Programming, and more. Any imbalanced state involves nervous system disorganisation, the body is organised into four primal survival systems generally known as the feeding, fight/flight, reproduction and immune systems. In order for the body to survive, these systems must be organized within themselves first and then must be integrated and synchronized with each other.

This organization occurs via the integrated function of the central nervous system. Different kinds of stress including physical, emotional, chemical, or environmental trauma can interfere with the organized function of these reflex systems and ultimately the central nervous system itself. The NOT treatment protocols are designed to specifically organise or reorganise a disorganised central nervous system