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Seeing the whole person - Kinesiology offers a truly holistic approach to healing as it goes beyond just assessing a select body part or system and, instead, considers the whole person. It addresses not only what’s going on in the physical body, but also takes into account your environment, as well as your psychological state.

Kinesiology is based on energy balancing and combines a range of gentle but powerful techniques. It draws on the philosophies and practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine, including acupuncture and an understanding of the nervous system from Chiropractic principles.

Kinesiology can be extremely useful in helping you identify and release old patterns of thinking or behaving. It can also improve your ability to restore life balance and reach your personal goals

“Roz created tremendous positive change in my life, and her techniques and insights were amazing.”

Lisa | Double Bay | Sydney


The truth is that good health is something we never really appreciate until it’s gone. Fortunately, we have an amazing capacity to heal given the right circumstances.

Each of us has our own innate ability to heal. Ultimately this involves being connected into yourself, allowing you to make intuitive and supportive choices. My approach is to help you find simple, easy ways to make lifestyle changes that are sustainable, healthy and nourishing.


I am grateful to the many teachers and mentors both past and present, and feel fortunate for their teaching enabling me to support others to create a thriving life. I work with the following philosophies;

  • Nourishing food is the foundation of our vitality
  • Good health is about much more than just going on a diet or what we eat
  • My role as a practitioner is supporting and empowering people with natural and simple steps that allow them to transform their own life and health
  • When we’re connected and living mindfully, we make mindful choices, and this is the key to ongoing health and happiness
  • Taking a flexible, realistic and practical approach to health and life
  • We are not meant to be perfect, we aim instead for increasing perfect moments
  • A mix of conventional and complementary medicine is necessary, it is finding the right means for the right time
  • My clients do the work and I am grateful to be part of their transformation

I’m qualified kinesiologist and member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society, my training covered a number of areas; Professional Kinesiology, Kinergetics, and Neurological Organisation Technique. I have previously enjoyed a varied career, working in agriculture, business and finance.

I am a seeker of truth for myself, and love to support others in discovering their own truth. In my spare time I like to hang out with my family on the farm, swim in the ocean, do yoga, and strike up a conversation with every dog I meet. I love to travel and the perfect year would include snow skiing and beach holidays.

“Health is like the foundation of our house. From this space I can love, learn and create, from here I can lead a wholehearted life.”